• OP-ED It Takes a Crisis to Make a Continent

    THE NEW YORK TIMES It Takes a Crisis to Make a Continent 21.05.2010 BIRTHDAYS are fun; a birth itself is not. There’s a lot of screaming and groaning, and even in the easiest deliveries, there’s always the fear that something will go wrong. The birth of a state is no less difficult. Indeed, what pessimists ... Weiterlesen
  • OP-ED Obama’s Nice Guy Act Gets Us Nowhere

    LOU DOBBS Obama’s Nice Guy Act Gets Us Nowhere 23.11.2009   Is President Obama too weak to get results for the United States on the world stage? Gabor Steingart in Der Spiegel says he’s starting to see similarities to the Carter White House. And that can’t be good for the future of the country…   ... Weiterlesen
  • OP-ED Obama Promises Germany-Plus

    THE WALL STREET JOURNAL Obama Promises Germany-Plus vom 10.05.2008   When I begin to feel homesick for Germany, I have discovered a cheap and easy way out. I simply turn on the TV and listen to a Barack Obama stump speech.   The promised land of universal health care, secure pensions, a lot of green-collar ... Weiterlesen
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  • OP-ED We Need A ‘NATO’ for The Western Economy

    THE ATLANTIC TIMES A Transatlantic Free Trade Zone: Pros and Cons November 2006   German Chancellor Angela Merkel calls it a “fascinating” idea. Should the World Trade Organization’s Doha Round of international trade talks fail, she says, she would support a transatlantic free trade zone between the United States and the EU to counterbalance the ... Weiterlesen
  • OP-ED Say it Slowly – Zukunftsangst

    WALL STREET JOURNAL Say it Slowly – Zukunftsangst 15.09.2005   Germany is haunted. My countrymen see ghosts everywhere as they go to the polls this Sunday. Berlin – When neo-Nazis are elected to a regional parliament, many fear a resurgence of Hitler. When a left-wing splinter party gains strength, scores believe they see the ghost ... Weiterlesen